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Road Chef BIG BERTHA 12 Volt 13L Dual Element Oven

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Roadchef Big Bertha - sucks

Before you read any further, understand that this product is made by RPM Innovation, NOT Down Under Camping, they just sell the product so nothing against them. Now, this oven is useless. Well, bit harsh, it reheats and keeps food warm very well while your travelling, and is handy to cook food while your going. But that’s all it’s good for. Your better off getting a big battery system and runnin an air fryer and microwave at camp. We had chicken strips in there for nearly 4 hours and it took them that long to crisp up, they were cooked in around 2 hour, and I did use all he advice like preheating, using both elements, and thawing them out. Chips, had them thawed out and in there for nearly 6 hours and they never crisped up. I understand this oven is advertised that it doesn’t operate like a regular oven, understandable, but this thing sucks honestly. For the money I paid just to use it as an ultra slow microwave or soggy chips - not worth it. Buy the little one if you really want one, it will cook pastries ok for some reason. But for the most part invest in lithium batteries and get an air fryer. Chips done in 15-20 minutes from frozen at around 1400W, uses less power than the 80amps I used just to get soggy chips.