Price Adjust Policy

Price matching is a great way to save money on purchases from various different stores.
Simply provide us details of the lower price, including any freight, GST & insurance & we'll match the price.
To qualify for the price match the competitor must be an Australian based company online or brick & mortar store, the item must be   
 immediatley available in stock & on the day, identical including colour, stock code & brand.
To price match online, simply call our customer service and we'll be happy to assist.
Phone (07) 3299 2720
Price Match Exclusions
Cash back, bonus offers, bulk purchase, quantity limits or package deals
Clearance Lines, Factory Seconds, Refurbished Products, Ex-demos
Products shipped from or sold by third-party sellers Online
Products supplied through unauthorised distributors and shipped from an overseas distributor.
Products with pricing set significantly lower than suggested RRP set from the supplier
Trade buyers, Auction sites, Wholesalers, Importers & Duty Free
Stock liquidations and business placed into receivership