Bigfish Fishing Hats & Shirts

Bigfish Gear is a fishing apparel and graphic design company based in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. The company was born through the need for effective, cool, sun protective shirts that also look great. The directors of “Bigfish” are very avid anglers and have generated these shirts due to their interest in fishing and the outdoors. We all compete in regular fishing tournaments across Australia and when not at work are out fishing in their shirts. We can honestly state these are the best fishing shirts you’ll wear. If you would like to hear from some of our customers please see our testimonials page.

All our shirts are made from the highest quality, Australian knitted polyester. This “sports dry” material is designed for the tropics (we’d know, they’ve been extensively tested up here) and is incredibly soft to feel, unbelievably cool, durable, UPF 50, and lightweight. The material is much cooler than cotton, will not fade or shrink like cotton, does not require ironing and is far more durable. Quite often the difference between a great looking shirt and a great wearing shirt is the quality of fabric and we proudly stand by (or in) ours. We produce a range of shirts that not only look great, but our customers want to wear for their comfort, style and of course sun protection.

New to our extenisve range is “FISH HEADZ”, a pull over style sun protective headwear that’s great for sun and wind whilst being light enough to breath through. To complement this we have generated a range of WIDE BRIM HATS and CAPS in many prints. Also adding to the collection are JUMPERS, SINGLETS, BOAT WRAPS, REPEL (Insect repellent shirts) and many more accessories.

All our products (except hats and caps), from concept and design through printing to final seaming are produced right here in Australia.

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