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How Do I Modify My Order?
Please review your order. If changes are required, immediately call us on (07) 3299 2720
If you need to contact us out of regular trading hours - slackscreek@downundercamping.com.au

Orders process quickly and in some cases it may be too late to modify your order.

What does SPECIAL ORDER mean?

Special order means this isn't an item that we would normally carry.

We can supply the item by ordering the goods required from the supplier but is contingent of them having stock.

If you have ordered this item with other goods,

we will hold the remainder of the order to then send with the special order item once it arrives into store.

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for us to receive the goods and dispatch it. 

Delivery Times

We are not responsible for any delay, late delivery or failure to deliver. We aim to provide you with notice of any delay as soon as reasonably possible. 


Items marked as Pre-Orders are approximate dates only. We are not responsible for delays in shipping & road freight.