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Shelta Australia Super Uv Protector

Our Reviews

Best beach shelter ever

I bought this from DUC a few years ago when I had had enough of burning my pasty white skin at the beach. It's still in great condition despite never being hosed off or cleaned after being in the salt. Despite its huge size it packs up light and carries over the shoulder easily, and once you try it a couple of times you can even put it up and take it down in strong wind gracefully (just keep it pointed into the wind until it's open, then to take it down roll it over to empty the sand out of the pockets and inside, then point it into the wind and collapse it). The sand pockets and pegs will hold it against a strong wind, leaving you in the shade and out of the wind inside. I was warned by the store staff it wouldn't ventilate well on a hot still day and be too hot, but I haven't found that to be a problem at all - it's silver lined and much cooler inside than out. Buy it and be the envy of your family and friends! My only possible criticism is that it can take a strong arm to get it to lock into open position sometimes - my wife makes me do it.

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