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Coleman Instant Up Northstar 10 Darkroom Tent

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Northstar 10 Review

This tent has some great qualities but it's not perfect. The frame is quick and simple to put up when you know what you're doing. The fly as always takes the most time and erecting the awning adds to this time considerably. That said, the awning is one of he winning features of this tent. It provides covered entry for wet weather, a workable shaded living area with side panel wind breaks and fits really well with my 4.5mtr gazebo. The interior has three good sized private rooms with storage pockets, but the hooks to hang lights from are nearly non-existent (my least favourite aspect of the tent). When both set up and packed away the tent is large which can restrict transport inside most cars and and some smaller camp sites. Overall this tent performs well and is of good quality, it has a few drawbacks but is a good choice for a quick get away.

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